Jessie Alice

Jessie Alice is on a mission to inspire and educate on mindfulness in the kitchen, sustainable economies and circular cooking to create a future where everyone can enjoy sustainable food.

Jessie hopes to inspire and educate home cooks, professional chefs and everyone in-between on how they can have an impact and make the world more sustainable through the way they prepare and source their food. Jessie loves nothing more than being in the kitchen of a café or restaurant and working with the Chef and their team to create a menu that is based on circular cooking to make an impact on food security. Jessie continues to journal, travel and meet with farmers and producers to find their hero stories in food waste and future proofing our food.

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Emma Smith

Emma hails from the South Island of New Zealand, where her family's veggie gardens were bountiful and the cupboards were always stocked with jars of bright preserves. A longtime vegan, Emma loves experimenting with pickles and ferments and adores the challenge of whipping up an exciting meal from a bare looking pantry. She has also trained extensively in performance, and believes the principles of improvisation can be applied to the kitchen just as much as the stage. Emma is thrilled to join the Leftover Lovers community and get to work reducing the negative impacts of food waste.

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