Our Sustainable Initiatives

When booking Leftover Lovers, we will research, attend and purchase produce from your local food bowl, farmers market and producers. We believe in supporting local economies and getting to know the people and the area that we will be working in. These stories are then brought into your event and shared with you.

We create zero-waste, sustainable events that start before we even arrive! Here are some of the ways we do that…



When shopping for produce for your event, we utilise reusable bags and food grade containers. At the event we bring reusable cups, bowls, plates and cutlery.


Local & seasonal

There’s a good chance that before you’ve met us we’ve already met your local farmers. We do everything possible to make sure we are bringing your locally grown food and stories to the table.


Reduce & recycle

Our workshop handouts our supplied in digital form. Whenever something is printed we use recycled forest alliance paper.

All packaging is compostable or recyclable. And we reuse or reduce whenever we can.


Car Sharing

We have a business membership with car next door to utilise ‘leftover’ cars to attend our events.


Measuring Impact

We measure our efforts through food waste, not through dollars.


Profit for Purpose

Farm Raiser received our profits for 2018, as part of their fundraising campaign to start their first farm gate in Victoria. Watch this space for who we can help work with in 2019.

How Much Waste Do We Produce?

Per event, we produce on average;

  • 1Litres of food waste that is then used for preserving and/or stock cooking

  • 1Kilo of compost waste

  • 6Litres of grey water, washing tablecloths, tea towels and dishes

    *Based on a 50+ person event

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