Breakfast Pasta Recipe

Chai, Goji & Banana Breakfast Pasta


130g per person Pasta, rice, any cereals or grains 

200mls Coconut Cream/Milk, any nut or dairy milks

1 Tablespoon dried berries, goji, raisins, dates, figs 

1 banana, ripe works best

2 tsp of Panella sugar, or honey -optional

1 tea bag of chai, or any tea infusions 

To Garnish, breakfast crumbs or toasted sweetened nuts

Raisin toast can be toasted and blitzed into crumbs (Especially those end pieces that everyone seems to avoid)

Nuts can be lightly covered with honey and toasted for 5-7minutes in a 180* oven

This recipe is great because you can not only use that leftover coconut milk you only needed a splash of in last nights curry, but also, all that excess rice you cooked. Use up the rest of those pasta shells you have in the jar and add some quinoa to the mix for a complete protein hit! Cinnamon is a spice commonly found in chai tea and is great for regulating blood sugar levels. This is a great comforting winter dish, that feels like a big hug.