Our Weekly Cooking Shows


Located in Melbourne, we host weekly Cooking Shows at The Queen Victorian Market.

Starting back on the 24th of January 2018. Every Wednesday from 12-1PM located outside the Meat Hall next to Shed 1. Everyone is welcome to attend, this is a public event.

If you would like to cook alongside Jessica, have a recipe or product you would like featured please send us an email, info@leftoverlovers.org



Are you a home cook? If you reply yes, then you're very valuable to me. I am collecting recipes to be included in a Community Recipe Club. Your contribution can help other fellow cooks and beginner cooks to grow their kitchen skills and recipe knowledge.

HOW IT WORKS: Register and come to our first Recipe Club Dinner Party. 
Bring a plate to share and the recipe. 
EMAIL info@leftoverlovers.org for the details.
OR: Send your recipe to info@leftoverlovers.org

END RESULT: Book, blog and dinner parties.