Our Market Cooking Shows


A Market Community Event Around Sustainability and Food Waste

    •    Engage
    •    Collect
    •    Cook
    •    Talk
    •    Eat
    •    Share
    •    Reduce

Leftover Lovers works with food markets to create a destination within the market place for the public and stall holders to engage.

Setting up as a one hour pop-up it includes; 
- A 40 minute cooking show
- Education around instantly reducing kitchen waste
- Information on pickling, preserving, fermenting, and infusing
- Free food samples
- Social media booth

How It Works?

Leftover Lovers engages with stall holders to identify what produce they will have to throw away if it’s not sold that day. The collection is mostly of seasonal items that are in abundance- it can also be items that would fall below cosmetic standard and not be brought to the market in the first place, think undersized eggs, oversized eggs, broken carrots, etc.
Leftover Lovers takes these items back to the outdoor kitchen and demonstrates two simple meals that could be made at home using these ingredients- this is an entertaining show with tastings served throughout. 
As part of the outdoor kitchen, there is an information display of how people can instantly reduce leftovers at home.
Customers are informed and encouraged to buy produce from the stall holders, tell their friends, share their stories online, and learn how to use their leftovers at home and instantly reduce their food waste. 

How It Helps?

Hosting Leftover Lovers at your market instantly creates a community focused attraction around sustainability, stall holder and general public engagement, and food waste education. 
By visiting our stall we estimate that people can instantly save five kilos of food waste or the equivalent of one grocery bag per week. If they then go on to tell five friends, or share their story online and have the message picked up, then that’s can begin to look like tonnes of food saved from our landfill each week.

On behalf of Leftover Lovers, we look forward to joining one of your future markets and sharing the food waste journey with you. Learn about our sustainable event initiatives here.

Please send us an email, info@leftoverlovers.org