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Cook With No Recipe Workshop

2 HOUR | 12PPL

What will I cook for dinner tonight?
We’ve all been there: deciding that you don’t want to cook the same old thing, you waste half your lunch break looking at recipes online, battle the crowds after work as you run up and down the aisles shopping for the long list of ingredients, and then after all your effort, you end up with half-used bunches of herbs, flaccid vegetables and opened jars left to grow mould in your fridge. It’s not only a waste of time and money, but most importantly, food.

In this class, Jessie will show you how to stop wasting food and unleash your creativity by using what’s on hand to create simple yet delicious everyday meals. Jessie will start with a talk about food waste, and a food box will be given to each participant. You will then cook up two delicious meals, plus sides to accompany them, based on what is in the box: from rich satays, to versatile sauces and complex curries, the possibilities are endless. 

Jessie will also provide plenty of tips and tricks so that you can learn how to adapt these dishes to whatever you have on hand and build the confidence to cook without a recipe. Learn about our sustainable event initiatives here.