Food Waste Workshops & Education

WE ARE addressing a new type of social responsibility around food waste. Acknowledging that 30% of food waste in Australia happens in the home kitchen. 
 Leftover Lovers is teaching people how to utilise their leftovers, reduce their food waste and CREATING A POSITIVE impact FOR OUR environment.  



Our Beginning

Started in january 2016, Leftover Lovers was initially a 'food waste' project between friends. Running 'Munchie Mondays', a public event that ran in public parks. The events attracted 35-40 people, and were an inspiration to feed and discuss food waste further and expand the mission to fight food waste. It was from the conversations with the public, food waste organisations and local businesses that 'Leftover Lovers' was conceived.

Our Work

Who We Are

Jessica Alice

Jessie is one of the founding members of Leftover Lovers, an organization aiming to diminish the huge amount of food waste that is being created daily. Food production, transport and processing is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. However, food is one of the largest industrial and commercial wastes and it is estimated that one third of all food worldwide is thrown away. Leftover Lovers aim is to educate people about food waste, work with local businesses and organisations to help reduce their waste, and to re-distribute this to our community via food boxes. 

There Are Now More Lovers, Bio's Coming Soon...