Leftover Lovers is a contemporary food security social enterprise redefining and revaluing waste. 

Over the short term, Leftover Lovers will buy produce from farmers and distributors that would otherwise go to waste, and turn it into products that people want. Over the long term, Leftover Lovers will work with businesses and schools across Australia to educate them on food waste. Our goal, by 2020, is to reduce food waste by 30%. 



Leftover Lovers will curate discussions between farmers, suppliers and consumers. These curated discussions will give farmers a direct voice to consumers, and consumers a direct voice to suppliers. By linking these groups we can add transparency to the food production industry and start effecting change around food waste reduction.


Leftover Lovers website and social media channels will be a valuable resource for consumers and businesses immediately wanting to reduce their food waste. The workshops and live demonstrations will give consumers more specific information and tools.


Leftover Lovers will support individuals and businesses to transisition into a food waste reduction model. Outside of the education being provided, Leftover Lovers will connect them to existing food waste programmes and initiatives.


Leftover Lovers will become an ambassador and promoter of food waste reduction Australia wide.

Our Vision

Our Beginning

Leftover Lovers was initially a 'food waste' project between friends. Running 'Munchie Mondays', a public event that ran in public parks. The events attracted 35-40 people, and were an inspiration to feed and discuss food waste further and expand the mission to fight food waste. It was from the conversations with the public, food waste organisations and local businesses that 'Leftover Lovers' was conceived.

'We want to acknowledge the true value of this food and our farmers. We make a statement by purchasing the produce Leftovers'



Our Work


We are now setup as a Not For Profit aiming to diminish the huge amount of food waste that is being created daily.

By re-educating and working with the food industry and individuals, we provide high quality artisan products, workshops, and industry support through our Leftover Lovers Food programme. 

Food production, transport and processing is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. However, food is one of the largest industrial and commercial waste and it is estimated that one third of all food worldwide is thrown away. We think it is time for solutions. 

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Get Involved

If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, and would like to be involved, please get in touch. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them for further education, research, tools, and outreach.

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