Food Waste

We Acknowledge That 30% Of Food Waste in Australia Happens In The Home Kitchen

We Are Addressing a New Type of Social Responsibility Around Food Waste

Have you heard about the recent Australian government declaration (National Waste Policy) to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030? This is something we are thrilled to be playing a part in as we address food waste through creativity in the home kitchen.

Closed Loop Kitchens

Leftover Lovers took the idea of 'closed loop' and made it relevant to our kitchen spaces and our modern day food waste dilemma. By definition, a closed-loop system is one in which every component (be it manufacturing, food, or anything else) is recirculated within that same system for as long as possible. The ultimate goal is to reuse, recycle, or biodegrade all materials involved so as to produce zero waste. This process when applied to our kitchens with Leftover Lovers, results in newfound opportunities for gourmet creations, tasty pantry ingredients, and fruitful zero waste food feasts!

 Leftover Lovers is...

  • purchasing food waste for use in workshops

  • teaching people how to utilise their leftovers

  • educating people on how to reduce their food waste

  • creating circular food economies

  • and, CREATING A future where there is food security for everyone


Powering the Thoughtful Kitchen...

The Thoughtful Kitchen, powered by Leftover Lovers, is all about celebrating diverse and sustainable food. For over three years we have been spreading our passion for reducing food waste in the community through workshops, demonstrations, and talks through both ticketed and free-to-public events across Australia. Our work creates conversations about the problems with our modern connection to food and its origins, and how we can reimagine the value that wasted food holds. Through shouting out love for eating in season, and celebrating the work of local food producers, traders, and growers, the Thoughtful Kitchen shows people how they can eat more simply, deliciously, and sustainably whilst saving money and having a munching good time.

Our Workshops



Started in January 2016, Leftover Lovers was initially a 'food waste' project between friends...

...Running 'Munchie Mondays', a public event that ran in public parks. The events attracted 35-40 people, and were an inspiration to feed and discuss food waste further and expand the mission to fight food waste. It was from these conversations with the public, food waste organisations and local businesses that 'Leftover Lovers' was conceived.

Circular Economies In Food Markets

If you are looking at implementing a sustainable strategy for your fresh product market. Working with the team, stall holders and customer base- our Market Cooking Shows may be just what you need. Read more>>

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Jessie Alice


Who We Are

the self-titled 'nigella lawson' of left-overs. penny pinching and budget meals are off jessie's menu. and if you think it's only cold meats that are left-overs, she will have you thinking again.

jessie shares her passion for cuisine and the art of making left-overs the hero of any dining table, at her weekly cooking shows, or via her limited private workshops.

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