We Acknowledge That 30% Of Food Waste in Australia Happens In The Home Kitchen

We Are Addressing a New Type of Social Responsibility Around Food Waste

 Leftover Lovers is...

  • purchasing food waste for use in workshops

  • teaching people how to utilise their leftovers

  • educating people on how to reduce their food waste

  • creating circular food economies

  • and, CREATING A future where there is food security for everyone

Our Workshops



Started in January 2016, Leftover Lovers was initially a 'food waste' project between friends...

...Running 'Munchie Mondays', a public event that ran in public parks. The events attracted 35-40 people, and were an inspiration to feed and discuss food waste further and expand the mission to fight food waste. It was from these conversations with the public, food waste organisations and local businesses that 'Leftover Lovers' was conceived.

Circular Economies In Food Markets

If you are looking at implementing a sustainable strategy for your fresh product market. Working with the team, stall holders and customer base- our Market Cooking Shows may be just what you need. Read more>>

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Jessie Alice


Who We Are

the self-titled 'nigella lawson' of left-overs. penny pinching and budget meals are off jessica's menu. and if you think it's only cold meats that are left-overs, she will have you thinking again.

jessica shares her passion for cuisine and the art of making left-overs the hero of any dining table, at her weekly cooking shows, or via her limited private workshops.

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Lynton Tapp


In addition to Lynton's culinary successes, he hold a great passion for travel and getting a feel for local life.
He hosts two Network Ten television series: My Market Kitchen and A Taste of Travel. The first thing Lynton does in a new city or location – whether he’s with a film crew or on his own – is head to the local food market to get a genuine feel for the place he’s in. Next on the list is finding its tastiest street food, then getting out into nature.

Country boy Lynton first came to the attention of food lovers in 2013, as the runner up in Masterchef Australia, where he was known as the ‘Stockman’. In 2015 he was the face for Earth Hour Australia and hosted its documentary Appetite for Change, which focused on the difficulties farmers are facing due to climate change. He was also involved in Tourism Australia’s new initiative, Restaurant Australia, which took him to London to cook for the Duchess of Cornwall on Australia Day 2015. In 2016 he released his first cookbook, Outback Pantry, and hosted his first seasons of A Taste of Travel and My Market Kitchen, which is currently in its third season.



Lynton grew up on on a cattle station in the remote Roper River region in the Northern Territories. He was nursed by an aboriginal woman, Barbara Sandy, could ride a horse before he could walk and was working as a station hand by the time he was ten. Lynton’s love of Australian food began during these formative years.
He was destined for a farmer’s life; living in remote Australia, cooking on a campfire, sleeping under the stars and running the family properties. The idea of that suited him just fine… but then another path came calling. His younger sister, Emily, had a life changing accident and asked Lynton to cook and care for her while she attended a spinal rehabilitation centre in America. During this full immersion into a chef’s life, Lynton taught himself intricate cooking techniques and broadened his knowledge of ingredients. Not long after, he appeared on Masterchef.
Lynton’s culinary style is resourceful, appetising, easy, and sometimes surprising. He thinks himself as more of a ‘cook’ than a ‘chef’, and is renowned for including
indigenous flavours in his dishes. He aims to encourage people to use local, Australian and sustainably-sourced ingredients in their cooking, and remains a passionate advocate for Australian farmers.
Today, Lynton lives in Melbourne. He is a regular radio guest, and is an ambassador for Queen Victoria Market, and Food Victoria. When he’s not down at the local market foraging for fresh ingredients, he’s planning his next travel adventure.